Berlin, Germany


With a deep knowledge of SIP, extensive experience with Kamailio SIP Server programming and deploying it in production VoIP platforms, our specialists are happy to help you with discovering and get recovered from failures of your VoIP platform. Time is very important in such situations, our team can give solutions in the shortest time possible.

kamailio-from-world-logoWe commit to Level 2 or higher of support agreements, with flexible collaboration models, from charging per hour to longer periods of support services (e.g., monthly, yearly). Support is offered via our web support portal, accessible via web browser or email, with premium services via real-time chat and phone.

The services are provided directly by the top level experts, not by a outsourced support team, nor by a call center service.

In addition, ASIPTO offers various Kamailio SIP Server training courses to prepare in-house support team, ready to take Level 1 and 2 support queries and maintain your VoIP platform in a day-by-day basis.

For sake of history, worth to mention that in November 2008, Kamailio and SIP Express Router (SER) teamed up, with the goal to create a stronger open source project and development community. In 2012, Kamailio became the main used for the project, as integration of SER was completed.

Upon this collaboration, the development team grew significantly, ensuring better evolution, testing and maintenance. On the other hand, the concerns about which of the projects would develop better over the time was completely removed, the future of VoIP services using both applications being secure and safe.

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