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ASIPTO technical leaders and our partners represent an experienced team trained over the years to offer you the best available courses that cover Kamailio SIP Server and integration with other commercial or open source applications, such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch or SEMS (SIP Express Media Server).

Daniel-Constantin Mierla and Elena-Ramona Modroiu are co-founders of Kamailio SIP Server, with invaluable expertise in designing and deploying large real time communication platforms.

The courses are organized on demand, at customer premises, in a private environment, or periodically at locations selected by Asipto, with open registration.

For the public classes, the place and date is announced for each course, via email and web. If you want to get notifications, please contact us.

Last session in Europe: Kamailio Avanced Training – in Berlin, Germany, during March 9-11, 2020

Last session in USAKamailio Avanced Training – in Washington DC Area, during March 25 – 27, 2019

The Upcoming Events page shows the schedule with our planned public trainings at this time:

Kamailio Overview
  • duration: one day
  • overview of the main features of Kamailio
  • understand the role of Kamailio for VoIP
  • the basics of Kamailio and SIP routing
  • the structure of Kamailio configuration file
  • summary of typical use cases
  • walk through several common configurations
Kamailio Bootcamp
  • duration: three days
  • suitable for beginners
  • the basics of SIP
  • the architecture of Kamailio
  • the structure of configuration file
  • the routing logic for SIP traffic
  • the elements used for SIP routing
  • understanding common features
  • authentication, authorization, accounting
  • registrar and location services
  • NAT traversal
  • hands-on exercises
Kamailio Advanced
  • duration: three days
  • tailored for carriers or operators
  • fast track:
    • about SIP protocol
    • the architecture of Kamailio
    • the structure of Kamailio configuration file
    • the routing logic for SIP traffic
    • the elements used for SIP routing
  • authentication, authorization and accounting
  • registrar and location services
  • NAT traversal
  • advanced call control (call forwarding, call blocking)
  • load balancing
  • least cost routing
  • attacks protection and anti-fraud policies
  • secure communications and TLS
  • SIP and WebRTC
  • scalability
  • high availability
  • hands-on exercises
Kamailio Development
  • duration: three days
  • Kamailio and coding in C
  • internal architecture of Kamailio
  • memory and locking manager
  • the SIP parser
  • the core of Kamailio
  • the internal libraries of Kamailio
  • writing Kamailio modules
  • the interface to database
  • exporting RPC commands
  • adding internal statistics
  • hands-on exercises
SIP Trainings

SIP Basics

  • duration: one day
  • the core specifications for SIP
  • SIP for VoIP

SIP Advanced

  • duration: three days
  • the core specifications for SIP
  • SIP for VoIP
  • SIP for third party call control
  • SIP and NAT traversal, STUN, TURN, ICE
  • extensions for instant messaging and presence
  • GRUU and Outbound extensions
  • related protocols: SDP, RTP and RTCP
  • hands-on exercises with Kamailio
WebRTC and SIP
  • duration: two days
  • understanding SIP
  • understanding WebRTC
  • Websockets
  • SRTP
  • Data Channels
  • overview of JavaScript SIP libraries
  • overview of Kamailio Websocket implementation
  • SIP WebRTC calls through Kamailio
  • hands-on exercises with Kamailio and JSSIP library

Professional Certifications

Part of our training sessions as well as independent programs, we offer a series of certificates to attest your level of knowledge about SIP and Kamailio SIP Server.

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Should you have any question about our trainings, or you want to get updates about next public sessions, or you want to enrol to a training program, please contact us.


“Just finished the class here in Orlando and we met people from Peru, Colombia, USA and Canada. It was a nice gathering and everybody left with strong feeling of satisfaction.

I never had installed Kamailio (OpenSER) before and we had the guts of a carrier-class architecture worked-out and prototyped in one day. Seldom does a class gives you a career boost of such magnitude.

Merci beaucoup to Daniel and Olle for caring to share their incredible knowledge.“

Francois D. Menard, Project Manager, Xit Telecom Inc – April 2008