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Kamailio Advanced Training

Kamailio (former OpenSER) SIP server is a winner of InfoWorld Awards: Best Open Source Networking Software, confirming one more time it is the leader of Open Source SIP servers out there.


The training will be done using Kamailio latest stable series 4.2.x (out in October 2014).

By end of 2012, Kamailio project has finished to incorporate all features of SIP Express Router (SER), giving you the most powerful tools to build stable, very performant and features rich VoIP and Unified Communication platforms.

All together, the project entered the 14th years of development and and has thousands of production deployments (some references here), offering about 200 modules, from carrier oriented needs, like least cost routing, load balancing, traffic shaping, to residential services as call forwarding, hunt groups, call baring, instant messaging and presence, making possible a large range of specific deployments.

The Advanced Training set of classes targets to teach about most common typical Voice and Unified communication platforms you can build:

  • carrier and trunking services
  • enterprise and residential VoIP services
  • secure communication

Next class: Kamailio Advanced Training, March 23-25, 2015, Berlin, Germany

This class will have a new structure, the content being refactored to continue further from the Kamailio Admin Book, focusing more on the advanced topics such as scalability, security and specific SIP routing customizations, with more practical examples. In other words, the basic concepts are no longer part of the content, starting directly on understanding and practicing real world use cases. Participants to this class will get a free copy of Kamailio Admin Book as soon as their registration is completed.

Click on next image to download the brochure for Kamailio Advanced Training Berlin.

Kamailio Advanced Training for Carriers

This training focuses on the features that allow you to build large SIP servicing infrastructure:

  • internal architecture
  • configuration language
  • least cost routing
  • load balancing
  • traffic dispatching
  • DID routing
  • prefix based routing
  • SIP trunks and peering
  • traffic shaping
  • topology hiding
  • flood detection
  • scanning attacks prevention
  • anti-fraud policies
  • enum and DNS based routing
  • authentication and authorization
  • secure communication (TLS)
  • registration and location services
  • accounting and call data records
  • call control – redirect, forward, baring
  • redundancy and scalability
  • high availability and failover
  • websockets and webrtc
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: March 23-25, 2015
Trainer: Daniel-Constantin Mierla

  • 1540 Euro + 19% VAT: for registrations up to March 16
  • 1790 Euro + 19% VAT: for registrations up to March 23


Number of seats are limited, register now!

For registration or more details, please contact us.

If interested only on certification exam for Kamailio SIP Server Certified Administrator, the price is 275Euro + 19% VAT, write us to arrange for the date.