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Kamailio Admin Book

Book Title: SIP Routing with Kamailio

Authors: Daniel-Constantin Mierla and Elena-Ramona Modroiu

ISBN: 978-3-00-049485-7

Status: writing the content of the book was finished in January 2015, followed by a language review, which was completed several months later. The book is now available as PDF file, small adjustments and corrections may be provided over the time. There is no near future timeline set for a paper printed version.

Update: by mid of March 2020, the content of the book has been updated for Kamailio v5.3.x (the latest stable series at that moment) and new the purchases will receive this version. Among the relevant changes in this version are the removal of MI (Management Interface) content (replaced with new content about RPC interface), upgrade of content for Siremis to show the use of v5.3.x and an how-to section for using kamcli tool. This update is part of ongoing work for a new edition of the book that includes a couple of more new chapters. However note that the completely new chapters are not included in the version available for purchase at this moment.


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    About the authors: after publishing the online Kamailio Development book along with other free tutorials on the web (e.g., Kamailio core cookbooks, integration with Asterisk or FreeSwitch, usage in IPv6 networks), Daniel-Constantin Mierla and Elena-Ramona Modroiu, co-founders of Kamailio SIP Server project and members of Asipto VoIP consultancy team, wrote a dedicated commercial book for Kamailio administrators, targeting to speed up getting started phase.

    About the book: the book is in English, written in standard A4 format, to allow straightforward self-printing in original format or making booklets with two pages per side. Also, long configuration lines in examples are easier to read. The technical details are:

    • page size A4
    • text font 12px
    • examples font 10px or 11px
    • colorful content (titles, diagrams, screenshots)

    The book has over 320 pages, excluding the cover page and table of content. You can see the current table of the content at:

    Shortly, there are 26 chapters written, containing a short overview of SIP, approaching the architecture of Kamailio, configuration file structure, presentation of default configuration file and several common use cases such as authentication, authorization, accounting, registration and location services, NAT traversal. Special chapters are dedicated to troubleshooting and security when deploying VoIP platforms using Kamailio.

    Kamailio is a framework for building real time communication platform, the first edition of the book is not presenting in details many of its typical use cases, but it has a chapter that collects references on how to do it. Future editions will include new detailed chapters for such use cases.

    Starting with the mid of March 2020, the examples in the book are for Kamailio version 5.3.x (the latest stable version at that moment). Kamailio version used for the examples in the initial version of the book released in 2015: 4.2.x. The content was still relevant for Kamailio series: 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 5.0.x, 5.1.x and 5.2.x.

    Future Editions: Asipto and the authors will provide periodically updates about the book. Watch our web site for news or follow us on twitter at @asipto and Daniel-Constantin Mierla at @miconda.

    We hope the book will be useful for many of you and will speed up understanding how to use Kamailio!