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Remarks: AsteriskTag and LinuxTag 2008

June 4th, 2008 Posted in News Tags: ,

The Open Source week in Berlin has ended. During May 26 – 31, AsteriskTag and LinuxTag events took place at ICC/Messe Berlin.

I must say the AsteriskTag was a high quality event, with presentations from Nenad Corbic of Sangoma, Mark Spencer of Asterisk/Digium, Kevin Fleming of Astrerisk/Digium, Diana Cionoiu of Yate/NullTeam, Daniel-Constantin Mierla of OPENSER/ASIPTO.com, Olle E. Johansson of Asterisk/Edvina.net. Jay Phillips of Adhearsion, Phil Zimmermann of PGP/Zphone, plus many others. See more details at:


I collected some photos and created an album:


ASIPTO’s presentation focused on scalability – how OPENSER can help you scale ASTERISK-based deployments. You can find the slides at:


From 28th of May was the LinuxTag exhibition and conference. I visited the first two days. The event was larger than last year, with same big share of Linux or BSD based distributions, good representation of Sun with OpenSolaris, booth for OpenOffice.org, Oracle brought their Linux operating system.