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New joint venture between Asipto and Sipwise

March 1st, 2011 Posted in News

March 1, 2011 – Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria

In the current era of a rapidly changing telecommunication world, Asipto and Sipwise are pleased to announce the merge of their IP telephony system offerings in order to strengthen the position in the market and to consolidate the development of their unified communication solutions.

With Asipto’s know-how and role in the SIP routing development process, and the experience of Sipwise in integrating and operating highly available communication systems based on Sipwise carrier grade communications platforms portfolio, the newly formed joint-venture positions itself as an extremely competitive vendor in the IP telephony market. This is a solid base for further growth and adoption of new technologies to become the reference in Open Source IP telecommunication industry.

Daniel-Constantin Mierla of Asipto, co-founder Kamailio Project, says: “Asipto and Sipwise were successful partners in the past years, building strong confidence between us. Our successful collaboration was not limited to the business side only, as Sipwise is a relevant contributor to the Open Source Kamailio project. Having a strong background in research, Asipto’s lines of products focused a lot on novelty in communications. The evolution of the market demands it more than ever and we will continue to do that. In order to accommodate the SLA requirements for operators and be able to professionally handle the increased demand for Kamailio based solutions, the new joint venture with Sipwise is the perfect option.

As a long time Open Source advocate, I am glad that we can offer a free version of our newly branded product: the sip:provider Community Edition. Small and medium sized operators can start their voice services without any commercial constraints. With my new role as Director of Innovations at Sipwise, I am eager to launch the next release of sip:provider CE and Pro in the near future, to include features such as secure communication over TLS, IPv6, rich presence services and IMS extensions.

Atilla Ceylan, co-founder and CMO of Sipwise: “Decisions involving the core of a carrier’s network are not made every day, and service providers are placing their confidence in Sipwise’s vision and capabilities to provide them with industry-leading solutions today and over the years to come. Sipwise is currently engaged in projects with Europe’s leading cable operators supporting the conversion of their MGCP based voice infrastructure to a more flexible, more reliable and more economic SIP based Class 5 softswitch platform.

The Joint Venture with Asipto improves our business model and the business case for shifting investment from legacy equipment to now even more compelling next generation solutions from Sipwise. As operators select the partners who will usher them into the future very carefully, I believe that the joint approach of Asipto and Sipwise will provide the best choice by leading the change in voice infrastructure solutions based on Open Source for the new public networks.

The launch of our first jointly developed products – the sip:provider CE and PRO – have been architected with the global market in mind. With operators around the world embracing the transition to reliable, scalable and affordable solutions, our platforms dramatically lower the cost structure and enable the delivery of enhanced services that provide a competitive advantage.

Based in Berlin, Asipto is led by co-founders and core developers of Kamailio SIP Server project (former OpenSER). The team built around Daniel-Constantin Mierla and Elena-Ramona Modroiu worked with SIP-based telephony since the early times of this protocol. They designed and deployed unified communication solutions for large VoIP providers around the world, with the core of the systems being the Open Source SIP server Kamailio.

Sipwise, a system development and integration company located in Vienna, builds IP telephony appliances based on Open Source technologies, using Kamailio as the core SIP routing engine. Targeting residential, mobile and carrier services, Sipwise products are deployed at operators world-wide, accompanied with long term support and professional SLAs.

Existing customers of Asipto and Sipwise, as well as related projects, will not be directly affected by the merge, existing contracts and collaboration will continue unchanged. The new telephony products will be developed and commercialized under the Sipwise brand. The Asipto brand will continue with a focus on services like trainings, development and consultancy for Kamailio and cutting-edge SIP services.

The new venture will operate in both locations Berlin and Vienna – whenever you come around, let us know and we will be happy to meet and show you our latest products and services.

Elena-Ramona Modroiu
Phone: +49 30 21480730
Web: http://www.asipto.com
Email: office@asipto.com

Atilla Ceylan
Phone: +43 1 2521522
Web: http://www.sipwise.com
Email: office@sipwise.com