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SIMPLE-XMPP Developer Workshop 2008

SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP share a lot of concepts but they are different in many aspects. Being nowadays the leading open protocols for voice, video, instant messaging and presence, the interconnection between them creates an unified communication environment for users in both sides. The workshop aims to bring together people with large expertise in both protocols, interested in development, testing and deployment of SIP/SIMPLE-XMPP solutions. With a permanent focus on innovation, the participants cover open source projects to private enterprises. You can join the event for free.

Date: September 2-5, 2008
Place: INRIA, Paris, France

Main organizers:
Philippe Sultan, INRIA – contributor to the XMPP/Jingle support in Asterisk, member of XMPP Standards Foundation
Olle E. Johansson, Edvina – main SIP developer of Asterisk
Daniel-Constantin Mierla. Asipto – co-founder Openser, developer of XMPP/Jabber gateway

Web page at INRIA:


– kick up simple-xmpp interoperability

Agenda guidelines:
– identify common issues of simple-xmpp interoperability
– define best-practice solutions and workarounds of delicate issues
– coding sessions in existing applications such as Asterisk, Openser, Jabberd, Freeswitch, eJabberd, libraries, client applications, etc.
– testing sessions
– reports about past experiences and results of the workshop

Target participants:
– developers of simple-xmpp products
– people interested in testing simple-xmpp products
– people interested in building simple-xmpp communication environments

– free registration (everybody pays for its traveling and accommodation)

– via e-mail at simple-xmpp@asipto.com
– please write the motivation to participate and add bullets into agenda if you like to approach new subjects. The organizers reserve the right to select a group of people that will contribute most as this is mainly a workshop to approach issues, test interoperability and design new solutions.
– updates about the event are posted at: http://www.asipto.com/index.php/simple-xmpp-developer-workshop-2008/

– up to 20 people

As of Jul 15, 2008, participating companies are:
INRIAhttp://www.inria.fr – SIP-XMPP interoperability in Asterisk (http://www.asterisk.org)
Edvinahttp://www.edvina.net – SIP-XMPP interoperability in Asterisk (http://www.asterisk.org)
AG Projectshttp://www.ag-projects.com – MSRP-XMPP Interoperability (http://www.msrprelay.org)
Asiptohttp://www.asipto.com – SIP-XMPP interoperability in Openser (http://www.kamailio.org)